NSW Makes Vaporizers Equal to Cigarettes

Separating vaporizers from Tobacco products seems to be a never ending battle within the vaping community. Rather than seeing vaporizers as the new tool to fight addiction, a new version of the patch or gum (but that actually works), the public views vaporizers as the new way to smoke. The same old bad habit brought into the modern age.

This ever popular parallel is seen perfectly in a piece of new legislation  recently passed by  the New South Whales Parliament. Without getting into the nitty gritty of the law I can say that it, essentially, regulates Vaporizers in the same way Tobacco products are regulated, both in their sales and use. To highlight this parallel Green’s member of the New South Whales Parliament Jeremy Buckingham said, “Tobacco smokers who want to switch to e-cigarettes will still be allowed to do this, but aggressive marketing campaigns aimed at making e-cigarettes attractive and re-normalising smoking will now be banned.” To re-normalize smoking, he said.

This is what the vaping community needs to combat. In order to prevent the spread of equal to cigarettes regulations and judgements we need to find a way to separate vaping from smoking. We need to do it fast, as well. Part of this enacted legislation in New South Whales is that vaporizers are no longer allowed to be advertised. This means in New South Whales the anti-vaping crowd controls the entire dialog.

We need more studies showing just how vaporizers are different than analog cigarettes and we need, ourselves, to stop being ashamed of our vapes. I know many people who deny they vape, even deny they vape eLiquid with 0 mg of nicotine in it due to the quickly growing stigma.  If we silently hide away that stigma will only grow and soon ecig sales will be controlled by big tobacco. So get out there and spread just what vaping has done for you!

Happy vaping!

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