The SUBOX Mini: What to Buy and How to Save

Hey guys! It seems the SUBOX Mini is the hottest item in the vapeosphere at the moment. It is simply a must have for any cutting edge vape connoisseur. So you’ve decided to buy it but aren’t sure where to buy or with what to buy it with. It doesn’t have a battery, what kind do you need? Now you have your batteries, should you charge in the unit though? Then what charger? We’ll answer all of these questions and give you the best way to maximize your savings on the the whole lot below! So let’s get to it!

Step 1: Add the SUBOX Mini to your cart


This is the easy part. We’ve got the SUBOX Mini Starter Kit up for just $69.95!


Step 2: Add the Nitecore D2 Charger to your cart


While the SUBOX Mini does allow for charging within the unit itself that can always be a bit finicky. We recommend coupling it with the Nitecore D2 charger. It’s essentially a catch all charger, buy it once and charge all of the batteries!


Step 3: Make an account and head to checkout

Don’t buy those two just yet though, make sure to make an account first. This will automatically get you 500 VP Points, worth $5 in credit, to use on your order and you’ll then earn 8 points for every dollar you spend. That even includes the dollars covered by points! Trust me, making points on points feels pretty good.

This will bring your total up to just $99.90, which you’ll make 839 points on!


Step 4: Use those points and buy some batteries

samsung 18650 batteries-2

The SUBOX Mini uses 18650 batteries, we recommend you go with the Samsung 18650-25R 2500mAh Batteries. Using your points you made on your first order, you can get these babies for just $7.56 and you’ll earn 128 points to use on a later purchase!


The Final Total!

That may all seem a bit tricky but its the absolute best way to maximize your savings while keeping the security of our 6 month limited warranty on all of our products. In total you’ll spend just $107.46. No shipping charges and we cover the tax. You’ll even have 128 points left over to spend on some great organic eLiquid from Keystone Vapor, if you’d like!

Happy vaping!

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