Guide: How To Use The Vamo V6 Mod

Welcome to the Vapor Puffs guide on how to use the Vamo V6 Mod! We’re going to start by breaking down the individual components of the Vamo V6 and then move onto showing you how to use it.

What Is The Vamo V6?

The Vamo V6 mod is the sequel to the very popular Vamo V5. It’s got a variable wattage system instead of variable voltage and has silver plated contacts and a silver spring. Let’s look at the parts.


  • Threading Connection – The Vamo V6 is 510 and Ego threaded, and this part at the top of Vamo V6 is where you’ll connect your atomizer.
  • Cosmetic Ring – This ring covers both threadings and can be removed. It’s purely for aesthetic value.
  • LCD Screen – The LCD Screen contains all the information about the Vamo V6. That includes current wattage, resistance, vaping time, puffs, and a few others.
  • Power and Wattage Buttons – Found right below the LCD Screen, the two smaller buttons are for adjusting the Wattage and going through the menu. The power button is the bigger button found below them that is used for turning on the Vamo V6 and initiating the vaporizing process.
  • Battery Tube – This is where the battery will go.

How To Turn On The Vamo V6

First, insert the battery into the Vamo V6. Then, press the Power Button 5 times in rapid succession. You should see the screen light up and show some text. To turn it off, it’s the same process.

How To Use The Vamo V6

  • Attach Atomizer

Attach your atomizer to the Vamo V6 by lining it up with either of the threadings on the Threading Connection piece and twisting it clockwise.

  • Turn On The Vamo V6

Using the method outlined in the previous section, just turn on the Vamo V6. Once the lights come up, you should be good to go.

  • Adjust The Wattage (Optional)

By pressing either of the small wattage adjustment buttons, you can adjust the Wattage up or down. You can also access the main menu by pressing and holding both buttons down at the same time. Once you’ve got the Vamo set to your preference, it’s time to start vaping.

  • Begin Vaping

Bring the mouthpiece up to your mouth and hold down on the power button to begin the vaping process. From here on, everything should come naturally. You can adjust the Wattage at any time if you choose to, and if you’re interested in some of the ‘stats’ the Vamo V6 provides you can look through the menu for whatever you want to see.

How To Charge Your Phone Using The Vamo V6

The Vamo V6 comes with an attachment to turn the Threading Connection into a USB Adapter. For those looking to use the Vamo for this purpose, just enter the menu by holding down the two Wattage Buttons and then scroll down to Mobile. Once it’s on Mobile mode, it will act as a portable charger for any device inserted into the Vamo V6’s USB adapter.

Thanks For Reading Our Guide On How To Use The Vamo V6

We hope we’ve helped you figure it out.

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Happy Vaping!

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