Guide: How To Use The EMUS Vaporizer

Welcome to Vapor Puffs guide on how to use the EMUS Vaporizer. We’re going to start off by explaining what some of the individual parts do, and then explain how to use the EMUS.

What is the EMUS Vaporizer?

The EMUS is part of the Kanger family. It’s part of the same series as their other popular vaporizer pens like the EVOD and EMUS, sometimes referred to as the sequel to the EVOD. Let’s take a look at the parts.

how to use the emus vaporizer


  • Mouthpiece – This is where your mouth goes. On the atomizer that comes with the EMUS, it’s removable and can be replaced with a mouthpiece you own.
  • eLiquid Tank – This is where your eLiquid will be stored, it’s filled through the bottom and has a 1.2 ml capacity.
  • Coil Unit – Hidden within the eliquid tank, this is attached to the Threading Connection and holds the wick that will be vaporizing your eLiquid.
  • Threading Connection – The bottom piece of the Atomizer, it’s the part that connects to the Battery.
  • Battery – The power source for the EMUS. It can not be accessed and is charged by connecting the threading connection to the USB charger that comes with the EMUS.
  • Power Button – Turns the battery on and off.

How To Turn On The EMUS Vaporizer

Many first timers in the eLiquid scene will have trouble turning on their starting vaporizer due to never experiencing an electronic that powers on this way. The EMUS, and most vaporizers, are turned on by pressing the power button 5 times in rapid succession. It’s turned off the same way. This is used to allow for a higher temperature output and as a safety feature.

Holding the Power Button while the EMUS is on will begin the vaporizing process.

How To Use The EMUS Vaporizer

  • Fill The Atomizer

Keep the EMUS off at this time. Unscrew the Threading Connection at the bottom of the EMUS by twisting it counter-clockwise. Do not pour your eLiquid into the tube in the center of the tank, as that leads to the mouthpiece. Instead, drip the eLiquid against the sides of the tank. Fill it until its a bit higher than halfway, and then line up the coil unit with the center tube and twist clockwise until it’s firmly connected.

  • Turn On The EMUS

Now that the EMUS is ready to go, use the method above to turn it on. Press the power button 5 times in rapid succession until you see the flashing LEDs.

  • Begin Vaping

Bring the mouthpiece up to your mouth while you hold the Power Button and begin to pull. Everything should come naturally from here.

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We hope you’ve got it all figured out now.

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