Two New Atomizers!

This week we added two completely different atomizers to our store, both with their own unique takes and each for a different purpose. If neither of these or the other Atomizers on Vapor Puffs fit your needs, let us know in a comment with what Atomizers you’re looking for, and if we get them in stock you’ll be rewarded with free VP Points which you can use at checkout to pay for your purchase!

Herbal Globe Vaporizer


The Herbal Globe Vaporizer gets it’s name from it’s globe shape. That’s a very obvious statement. The Globe shape provides a different kind of vaping experience for users of Dry Herbs, one that really has to be experienced to be fully understood- but outside of the personal experience it provides some more traditional benefits such as a larger capacity and no clogging issues. The mouthpiece is removable and can be replaced with other mouthpieces and the glass is made out of high quality pyrex glass, making it durable.

The Cloud Atomizer (RBA/RDA) by Wotofo


Wotofo’s going to be getting a lot of posts in the upcoming weeks as we keep adding more and more of their products to our store. We’ve already got in shipments of The Troll and Freakshow atomizers just waiting to be put up. For now though, it’s all about Wotofo’s Cloud vaporizer. The Cloud is a fully rebuildable atomizer made entirely out of stainless steel that looks like a piece of industrial perfection. It’s biggest star feature is it’s On/Off switch (sort of visibleĀ in the picture) that stops the flow of eliquid on command which causes a lot less leakage. It’s an adjustable airflow atomizer with four airhole vents that you can activate as you please. It’s also got two copper contacts and a silver plated connection pin.

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