Many of the products we sell come with some additional and replacement accessories that can make your products work longer or bring back life into an overused chamber. We’ve got plenty of available options and we’re also looking to expand on our store every week, so tell us what you think we need to add to our shop!

Ago G5 Wax Heating Chamber


One of the most popular sellers here, the Wax Chamber works with the Ago G5 to turn it into a wax vaporizer, unlike it’s base form of being a dry herb vaporizer. They’re really simple to use and just require you to detach the old version and then attach the new one. If you’ve already got a wax chamber, use over a long period of time can kill its effectiveness and the quality but replacing it every few months will obviously bring back life into your vaping. These can also be used with the Ago G5 Jr.

Steel Mesh Screens (For Exposed Coil Vaporizers)


Sold on our site in packs of 5 and 20, these screens help keep coils in exposed coil combustible pens alive for much much longer. We’re talking at least a 4 month difference. Each usage without a screen causes ash and residue to buildup around the coils which in time gets stuck and causes the heating function of the chamber to stop working. Unless you clean excessively after non-coil use, you face the risk of having them stop working in time (which is why we always provide free screens with any exposed coil vaporizer purchase). Using screens will help keep your heating chambers alive for longer.

Titan-I Mouthpiece


One of the most popular vaporizers we have is the Titan-I, a low cost option for those looking to get an experience like the Pax vaporizer and other more expensive vaporizers with similar functions. Over time, the screens on the mouthpieces can get dirty or, if you’re not careful, dropping the Titan from a significant height can cause the Mouthpiece to crack. After a long wait and many many many requests to get Titan-I mouthpieces from well over a hundred customers, we managed to finally get the creators to send them so we could get them to you.


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