Any Color Vaporizer You Like

We’ve got many vaporizer options but some of you out there might be looking for something with a bit more colorful presence. We’ve got you covered.

Kanger EVOD Vaporizer

EVOD Color


Amongst our collection of colorful vaporizers is the Kanger EVOD. It’s an eLiquid vaporizer that comes with two vaporizer pens in each box and has three colors currently available: Green, Black and Red. If those colors aren’t your thing, keep an eye out for the blue EVOD that we’ll be adding to our store soon.

Vision Spinner 2

Vision Spinner 2 Color

Another available option is for the crowd that likes to use their own atomizers. The Vision Spinner 2 is a variable voltage battery that allows you to manually adjust the voltage output to your atomizer to fit your needs. We’ve got it up on the site in three colors: White, Blue and Black. We’ll be adding a Grey version of the Vision Spinner in the near future for those of you that want a color with a bit less loud to it.

Atmos Jewel Vaporizer

Atmos Jewel Color

The Atmos Jewel is a Wax and Dry Herb vaporizer that uses the same heating chamber for both. It’s dual usage and discrete look has helped make it a relevant part of the vaporizing world. Despite our image only showing the black version, we sell it in Black, White, and Red.

X6 Vaporizer

X6 Color

The X6 is another eLiquid vaporizer that makes use of the variable voltage system. Amongst it’s best features is it’s very long battery life to keep you ready for use on the go. It’s built with high quality materials and has an almost indestructible feel to it (emphasis on feel, it is actually destructible). It comes in three colors: Gold, Black, and Silver.

If you’re looking for more, we’ve got more colors coming and we’re always willing to take suggestions on colors to get. Look out in the near future for two new colors of the iTaste MVP 2.0 too.

Happy Vaping!

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