All Kinds of Deals with Vapor Puffs!

Ever wonder if you’re not taking advantage of EVERYTHING a company has to offer? Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered! Well, at least when it comes to us. Below we’re going to go over everything we have to offer you as a customer. When we started our family run Vaporizer retailer we knew we wanted to offer all kinds of deals, who doesn’t love deals? Look below to find out just how to stretch that dollar as far as possible this holiday season!

Join the Rewards Program!

Joining our rewards program is the number one way to save cash hear at Vapor Puffs. Not only do we give you 500 VP Points, worth $5 in credit, just for making an account we also give you 8 VP Points for every dollar you spend! Yes, that even means you can make VP Points on purchases made with just VP Points! Wondering what the catch is? There really isn’t one, we just want to give you a little something as a thank you for your business. We won’t even send you all those junk emails you get from every other site!

Save on Shipping!

If you’re a customer here in the US you’ll automatically get FREE 1-3 Day Priority USPS shipping on every order, no matter the size. Bummed out you’re internation? Don’t be! Right now we are offering International Shipping to where ever you’re at for just $19.99!

Check for Seasonal Promotions!

We’ve almost always have a special deal going for the season. Make sure to check our Facebook page to keep up to date on all the deals, you didn’t hear it from me but there miiighhhttt be a few opportunities for some serious savings coming up this holiday season.

The Assurance That Comes with a Good Warranty!

With a lot of sites you’re left high and dry if your purchase arrives damaged. We’ve got a great 6 month warranty that will cover any damage upon arrival or defective parts. Just knowing you won’t have to buy another unit for no good reason is a great saving in itself!

Happy Vaping!

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