Protank 2 Atomizer and Tank Review

The Protank 2 Atomizer and Tank is an upgraded edition of the Protank 1, both by Kanger. If you are already well established with your Protank 1, it may be worth your while to consider switching to the newer Protank 2. Unlike the Protank 3, the Protank 2 uses the same atomizers as the original, making backwards compatibility a non-issue and allowing you to use all your atomizers on a better tank!

What’s the Protank 2 Atomizer and Tank?


With every part being replaceable, the Protank 2 is a customizable but easy to use tank atomizer! It has a redesigned, stronger base with the coil positioned at the very bottom, maximizing the amount of juice you can vape from each fill. An eGo thread cover is included, as the Protank 2 uses 510 threading, just like the other Protanks. Two atomizers are included in the kit, but don’t forget that they are identical to Protank 1 atomizer heads!

The stainless steel and Pyrex glass used in the Protank 2’s construction are extremely durable and long-lasting. Also, because the Protank 2’s design allows for complete disassembly, it is very easy to clean and maintain this tank atomizer for a long lifespan!

Scoring the Protank 2 Atomizer and Tank

Design: 7/10
The Protank 2 is a tad angular in design, but it’s incredible compared to the Protank 1.

Functionality: 7.75/10
This is a really solid atomizer, with a large capacity and good reliability. The design limits flooding, although you can still flood it very badly if you blow into it.

Customization: 6.5/10
There’s nothing to change on this atomizer, but the ability to replace any part on it gives you customization possibilities with custom pieces.

Build Quality: 8/10
Stainless steel and Pyrex are strong and reliable. The Protank 2 is sure to last a long time, but glass is more fragile than metal or plastic, so avoid dropping it!

Overall Score: 7.25/10
The Protank 2 Atomizer and Tank is a good beginner tank, and it’s a great tank to have around even once you move on! This is a solid all-day-vape, regardless of your skill level.

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Happy vaping!

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