Guide: How To Use The Coolfire II

Welcome to the Vapor Puffs guide on how to use the Coolfire II. We’re going to begin by showing you the individual parts of the Coolfire II and then give you a run down of how to use it.

What Is The Coolfire II?

The Coolfire II is a grenade shaped battery with 510 threading that makes use of a variable wattage system.



  • Threading Connection – Found at the top of the Coolfire II, this is where you’ll connect your atomizer.
  • Variable Wattage Ring – This ring has several wattage values written on it and can be set manually to whatever wattage fits your needs. The number over the power button is the one being used.
  • Power Button – This turns on the Coolfire II.
  • Battery Chamber – This is accessed by removing the bottom cap of the Coolfire II, you’ll be placing your battery in here.

How To Turn On The Coolfire II

One of the most confusing aspects of a vaporizer to a new user is how to turn them on. Thanks to safety regulations and hardware limitations it’s not always the most simple thing to figure out.

In order to turn on this battery you must press the power button 3 times consecutively and quickly. It’s turned off the same way. This method of turning the battery on allows it to output a higher temperature and keeps the Battery from being turned by accident.

How To Use The Coolfire II

  • Insert Battery

Remove the cap on the bottom of the Coolfire II by twisting it counter-clockwise in order to get into the Battery Chamber. Then, insert your battery and reattach the battery cap.

  • Attach the Atomizer

We’re going to go on a bit of a detour here to clear up how to make use of the iClear 30B that comes with the Coolfire II kit. If you’re not using the iClear 30B, move onto the next paragraph. In order to fill up the iClear 30B, detach the bottom base from the eliquid tank by twisting it counter-clockwise. Once it’s removed, fill the tank about halfway by filling it against the sides of the tank. Do not get e-Liquid into the hole in the center, as that leads to the mouthpiece. Once you’ve got it filled, firmly reattach the bottom base to the tank.

Line up the Atomizer’s Threading Connection to the Coolfire II’s Threading Connection and twist it clockwise until its firmly attached.

  • Begin Vaping

Using the method mentioned above, turn on the Coolfire II battery. Once it’s turned on,  hold down the power button to begin the vaping process. Put the mouthpiece up to your mouth and from here on everything should come naturally.

Thanks For Reading Our Guide On How To Use The Coolfire II!

We hope we’ve helped you gain a clear understanding of how to make use of it.

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Happy Vaping!

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