Our Two Coolest Dry Herb Vaporizers!

We all know we want a dry herb vaporizer that actually works well (which are unfortunately rare) but does that mean that we can’t also have one of the coolest dry herb vaporizers? We think NOT! In this post we’re going to show you how to have your dry herb vape cake(?) and eat it too! Below we’ll be listing our three coolest dry herb vaporizers. We’d also like to add that we think these babies are probably just about the coolest dry herb vaporizers around anywhere as well. That being said, lets get to that listing part!


Titan II (Two) Vaporizer, Dry Herb Vape

Titan-II Vaporizer

The Titan II Dry Herb Vaporizer has to be our absolute coolest dry herb vaporizer! This baby is working with a huge built in 2200 mAh battery, an always helpful (and need I say cool?) LCD screen, and, best of all, a very precise temperature control. Just pick your temperature, hold down the button, and wait for it to rise to your favorite temp. So you get all of this, the thing has to look lame right? Wrong! Just check out that picture, it looks rugged and industrial and who doesn’t love black and chrome?

Snoop Dogg Micro G Herbal Vaporizer Kit


Snoop Dogg himsels has been ultra cool for about 100,00 years (this figure may be slightly off) or so at this point. So you just know a vaporizer straight from the dry herb king himself is going to be the coolest vape on the block. This baby works like a dream and comes with everything you could need including 3 tanks, 5 mouth piece sleeves, 3 cleaning tips, and even the always cool G Pen Key chain with attached cleaning tool. So essentially, the Snoop Dogg microG is a must buy!

Buy the Titan II (Two) Vaporizer: Here

Buy the Snoop Dogg microG Pen: Here

Happy Vaping!


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