Things are Changing Here at Vapor Puffs!

We’re very excited to announce a lot of new features and upcoming features for Vapor Puffs! We are always striving to offer our customer’s the best possible experience. The happier you are, the happier we are. We’ve listened to some great suggestions we’ve gotten from you and are now changing things up with how we do business. Below we’ll highlight three big, new, and exciting changes that we know you’ll love!


VP Rewards Points

Recently we have added a rewards program to all accounts site wide for free! To get in on the savings simply just make an account. Upon creating your account we’ll get you started with 500 VP Points worth $5 towards any purchase. We also will be giving 8% cash back with this program, for every dollar you spend you earn 8 VP Points. You even earn the full 8% back on purchases made using points! The more points you use; the more points you get!

International Shipping Price Drop

Starting on Thursday, July 31st, the price of international shipping is drop drop dropping like crazy! For just $8.99 we’ll ship any order to anywhere! No matter the size of the order or the location we’re shipping to the international price will not go up. The larger the order the crazier the deal! Don’t worry US citizens, domestic shipping will remain free as always.

Daily Blog Updates

Recently, we started updating our Vapor Puffs Bl0g twice a week and the reaction we’ve gotten has been amazing! We love being able to help everyone out there an absolutely know just how hard finding information on vaporizers and electronic cigarettes can be. So we figured why not help out even more? Starting Monday, August 4th, we’ll be updating our Vapor Puffs Blog every single day! This means more information on how to use vaporizers, information on whats going on and coming up with our site, product reviews, and so much more!


Please let us know if there is anything else you’d like to see from us in the future. Leave a comment or shoot us an email, we love hearing from you!


Happy Vaping!

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