Guide: How To Use The Stingray Mechanical Mod

Welcome to the Vapor Puffs guide on how to use the Stingray Mechanical Mod! This guide will begin with an introduction to the individual parts of the Stingray and then we’ll show you how to make it work.

What Is The Stingray Mechanical Mod?

The Stingray Mechanical Mod is a fully analog mod that, when used with a battery, activates the heating coil within your atomizer. The Stingray makes use of a brass contact and 510 threading to do so.


  • Bottom Contact – This is the piece that doubles as an on/off switch. It makes contact with the battery.
  • Stingray Body – This is the hollow tube your battery will be placed within. The stingray comes with 3 tubes that you can switch between depending on your battery’s size.
  • Threading Connection – This is the part that will connect to your atomizer. It also has a battery contact inside the tube.

How To Turn On The Stingray Mechanical Mod

The Stingray uses no formal off/on switch so new users can get confused here. The way the stingray works is when the battery is touching the contacts on both sides of the Stingray, it is turned on. Once the battery is inside, the common method would be to tighten the Bottom Contact so there’s still a slight amount of space left on the threading, and then just push it when you want it to begin heating your atomizer.

How To Use The Stingray Mechanical Mod

  • Insert the Battery


Assuming you’ve already picked one of the three tube sizes (shown above) that fit your battery, the first step will be removing the bottom contact by turning it counter-clockwise until it is removed. This way you can place the battery inside of the tube. Next, you’ll attach the Bottom Contact back onto the Stingray Body but do not tighten it all the way, because it will immediately begin heating the atomizer if you do.

  • Attach an Atomizer and Begin Vaping

Now attach your atomizer of choice to the threading at the top of the Stingray Mechanical Mod. You’ll do this by turning the atomizer conductor clockwise into the center of the threading until it is firmly attached. Next, once you’re ready to vape, just push down on the Bottom Contact and the Stingray Mechanical Mod should activate the coil inside your atomizer beginning the vaporization process.

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