Take Advantage of Everything We Offer Here at Vapor Puffs!

Hey guys! We wanted to put together this blog post to create an easy place to find out everything you can take advantage of here at Vapor Puffs. We pride ourselves on offering all kinds of fun and useful things for our customers. In this blog post we’ll be going through all the different things you can do to get the most out of what we offer!

Email us about anything

Every day we have sales specialists and customer support standing by ready to answer any questions you have. We, too, had to start vaping at one point and know just how incredibly hard information is to find on vaporizers. No matter how big or small, feel free to email us about absolutely anything. We’re hear to help and always loving hearing from you!

Follow us on Facebook

Make sure to keep up on our facebook posts to take advantage of all the fun contests we run! We give away free products and VP points all the time. Don’t forget to check consistently though, you never know when a deal, contest, or special promotion will be gone!

Make an account to earn free products!

We’ve just introduced our brand new VP Points Rewards Program! Just make an account to join. For creating your account we’ll give you a free 500 VP Points worth $5 in merchandise. After that we’ll give you 8 points for every dollar you spend on vaporpuffs.com, that’s 8% cash back! As if that’s not enough you can also earn 300 VP Points for every review you write on our products! There’s no reason to not collect points, who doesn’t like free stuff?

Check Our Blog

Every week we put up two new posts on our blog. The blog is a great place to not only find out everything to know about Vapor Puffs but also to find out about the vaping community in general. We have posts on upcoming events, guides on different products, product reviews, and all kinds of other fun posts. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Email us a suggestion, we love hearing from you.

Thank you so much for reading!

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