Guide: How To Use The Protank 3

Welcome to the Vapor Puffs guide on how to use the Protank 3 Atomizer! In this guide we will explain the individual parts of the Protank 3 as well as how to asemble and use the atomizer.

What is the Protank 3?

The Protank 3 is the latest model in a long line of highly recommended eLiquid atomizers released by Kangertech. The Protank 3 features an upgraded pyrex glass tank and comes with two heating coils.

Let’s take a look at the parts:

Guide: How To Use The Protank 3

The Protank 3 in it’s Natural Habitat

  • Mouthpiece – You’ll be placing your mouth on this part.
  • Tube Body – This is the container where you’ll be placing your eLiquid.
  • Coil Units – These are what heat your eliquid inside of the Tube Body. The Protank 3 comes with two different coil units.
  • Connector – The connector is the base for the coil that connects the coil to the battery.

How to Use the Protank 3:

Guide: How To Use The Protank 3

The Protank 3 Posing for the Camera

So you know what each part does, let’s move onto how to use the Protank 3.

  • Insert the Coil Unit

The Protank 3 gives you the options of choosing ether a 1 8ohm coil unit or a 2 4ohm coil unit. Choose whichever you prefer and we’ll begin placing it into the Protank 3.

First, you’ll want to remove the connector at the bottom of the Protank 3 by twisting it counter-clockwise. Now, take your coil unit and place it into the side of the connector that goes into the Tube Body and then twist it clockwise until it is firmly attached.

  • Fill Up the Tank with eLiquid

Simply insert the eliquid into the pyrex glass tank, make sure to put it into the side of the tank avoiding the tube body in the center. Make sure to use 2.5 ml of eliquid or less to avoid leaking.

  • Reattach The Connector

Line up the Coil Unit to the air tube within the Tube Body then reattach the connector by twisting it clockwise.

  • Attach the Protank 3 to your Battery

Simply screw it onto your battery of choice and you’re ready to go!

Thank You for Reading Our Guide on How to Use the Protank 3!

We hope you’ve found our Protank 3 how to guide helpful. Thanks for reading!

You can buy it here: Protank 3 (Dual Coil)

Happy Vaping!


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