Guide: How to Use the Protank 2

Welcome to the Vapor Puffs guide on how to use the Protank 2 Atomizer! We’ll begin by giving you an introduction into the individual parts of the Protank 2 and then move onto how to use the Protank 2 Atomizer.

What is the Protank 2?

The Protank 2 Atomizer is an eLiquid only atomizer that, when used with a battery, vaporizes your eLiquid. Part of the Protank 2’s appeal over its predecessor includes an improved glass tank and the addition of an extra heating coil.

Let’s take a look at the Protank 2’s parts:

Guide: How to Use the Protank 2

The Protank 2, sunbathing.


  • Mouthpiece – In most cases, this will be where you will put your mouth.
  • Tube Body – Your eLiquid will be going in here.
  • Coil Units – These will be heating up and vaporizing the eLiquid within the Tube Body. The Protank II has two heating coils.
  • Connector – This part will connect the coil units to the battery, allowing them to heat up.

How to Use the Protank 2



So you know what each part of the Protank 2 does. Now we’re going to move onto how to make it work for you.

  • Insert the Coil Unit

First, you’ll want to remove the connector at the bottom of the Protank 2 by twisting it counter-clockwise. Then, take one of the coil units out of the rubber cap that they come in (shown above) and attach it to the connector by twisting it clockwise. Make sure that the threaded side of the Coil Unit is the side going into the connector, with the long skinny tube side being on the side that goes into the Protank 2 Tube Body. You should notice there is a small rubber cap connected to skinny tube on the Coil Unit, you may be tempted to remove it but we (and a large part of the vaping community) would tell you not to.

Don’t reattach your connector to the Protank 2 Tube Body just yet though.

  • Fill Up the Tank with eLiquid

On the side where the detached connector goes, you should see a round hole in the center and two semi-circle holes on the side, separated by a bar inbetween them. When filling up the Protank 2 with eLiquid make sure you do not get the eLiquid into the round hole in the center, as that is the pathway to the mouthpiece and will cause the eLiquid to go right into your mouth. Instead, place the eLiquid into those two semi-circle holes that are to the sides. Be aware that the Protank 2 has an advertised 2.5mL capacity.

  • Reattach the Connector to the Tube Body

Line up the Coil Unit with the air tube inside the Tube Body and then twist the connector clockwise until its firmly attached.

  • Attach the Protank 2 to your Battery

Just attach the Protank 2’s threading to your battery of choice and you should be ready to vape.

Thanks for Reading our Guide on How to Use the Protank 2!

We hope you’ve now got the basics of the Protank 2 figured out. Thanks for reading!

You can buy it here: Protank II

Happy Vaping!

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