Guide: How To Use The Titan-I Vaporizer

Welcome, everyone, to our instruction guide on how to use one of the most exciting new vaporizers on the market, the Titan-I Vaporizer! This post will also be the first of many “How to’s” we’ll be posting, so don’t fret if we have yet to make one about the product you have your eye on.

What is the Titan-I Vaporizer?

Before we tell you just how to use the Titan-I Vaporizer, you’ll need to know what it exactly is. The Titan-I vaporizer is exactly what the name says it is, a vaporizer made for a titan. More particularly, for a titan’s amount of dry herb. It’s an all in one heating chamber and battery with the ability to change the temperature of the heating chamber at a moments notice. You can break down the Titan-I into five parts.

  • Mouthpiece – The mouthpiece on the Titan-I is where you put your mouth. Crazy, right?
  • Mesh Filter – Inside of the mouthpiece is a small replaceable mesh filter to keep any dry herb residue from getting into the users mouth.
  • Heating Chamber – The area where you put in your dry herbs. Be careful, it gets pretty hot in there.
  • Battery – You can’t actually see the  battery at all but it’s there at the back end of the vaporizer. It’s just one of those things you have to know is there. Like oxygen or gravity or stuff like that.
  • Micro USB Connector – On the bottom of the Titan-I, you’ll find the micro USB connector for charging the battery. You may already own a micro USB Connector for your smart phone. Its great for charging whenever where ever!


How To Turn On The Titan-I Vaporizer

“Well this should be obvious right, you just grab the vaporizer and press this big silver button here and it should be on. I mean, it should be on. It’s not turning on. Is this thing broken?”

Thankfully, imaginary inquirer, it is not. In order to turn on the Titan-I Vaporizer just press the power button 5 consecutive times. We, too, were annoyed by this design at first. Why not just make it a simple push to start? It turns out it’s actually a pretty ingenious system. It not only prevents the vaporizer from accidentally turning on and draining the battery, it also allows the vaporizer to heat to a higher temperature.

How To Use The Titan-I Vaporizer

Alright, so here we are at the crux of the matter: the Titan-I Guide.

  • Remove The Mouthpiece

This can be done by rotating the Titan-I so that the slit of the mouthpiece is vertical, then pushing your thumb up below the bottom corner (if you were looking at it from above). Apply some force and you should have the mouthpiece pop off, similar to opening a box of Tic-Tacs. It can be a little difficult sometimes to get it off, but once you’ve got it you’ll figure out how to get it every time. Make sure to apply pressure closer to the tip of the mouthpiece, it makes the job a lot easier.

  • Pack the Titan-I with Dry Herbs

When packing your dry herbs we recommend only filling the chamber about half way at most. At little goes a long way with this vaporizer and overpacking can lower the quality of your vaping experience. The Titan-I also comes with a 5 pack of steel mesh screens. These are totally optional though.  One option we recommend is to place one at the bottom of your heating chamber for easy clean up (read: little to no residue to try to scrape off the bottom of your chamber if you forget to clean it immediately after use). You can also use one of these screens as an extra filter by placing it at the very top of your chamber. Don’t forget, there is already a mesh screen attached to the mouthpiece, but if you’re the type who likes to play it extra safe then there’s nothing stopping you here.


  • Re-Attach the Mouthpiece

I had some trouble with this part. You probably won’t. Just pop that sucker back on, you should hear a click when its back in place.

  • Turn On The Titan-I

As noted above, just press the big silver button 5 consecutive times. As soon as the vaporizer is on, the heating chamber will begin to heat and your herbs will begin to vaporize. The chamber heats automatically, so there is no need to hold down the power button to keep it heating.

  • Adjust the Temperature to Your Liking

The Titan-I offers 3 heating modes. You can tell which heating mode you’re using by the colored light below the on button. To change modes simply hold the on button until the light changes color, it should take about 3 seconds.

The first, least hot, mode is the red mode. It heats at 360F.



The green mode is the second mode. It heats at the Titan-I medium heat of 380F.



The final, hottest, mode is the blue mode, which heats at 420F.



We recommend you test out all the modes, which mode is “best” is really all about personal preference. Just know that the hotter the temperature the quicker your dry herb will be vaporizer, the faster you’ll feel the buzz, and the speedier your herb will brown.


Thanks for reading our Titan-I Guide!

We hope you found our Titan-I guide helpful and informative!

We really believe this vaporizer is the biggest bang for your buck out there. We couldn’t recommend it more!

Buy it here: Titan I Vaporizer Kit

Happy Vaping!

36 replies on “Guide: How To Use The Titan-I Vaporizer

  • Ouiseee

    My Titan 1 is heating up (I can feel how hot it is on my hand and lips) but I’m getting no vapor. I just got it 2 days ago and it hasn’t worked from when I first turned it on. Is there something I can do to fix this? I’d rather fix it myself then have to send it back to the store.

  • Kk

    Looked everywhere and I can’t figure out which makes me feel stupid but do you hold the button down to take your hit or just to get it to the temperature you want? I’ve only had mine a day still figuring it all out..

  • Scott Christian

    This model is so cheap and easy on the herb pocket -great vap and it doesn’t stink the house out like a bong

  • benjaminbennybruce

    I’ve used this one with my friends and it’s pretty alright. Different rubber tips allow the the herb to get to you differently, however, it’s hard to tell if you are actually getting “hits”.

  • Angel

    I have had my vape for about 2 weeks now and love it . But all of a sudden it doesn’t wanna stay on , . I will have it fully charged ( been on the charger over night ) then 2 mins later not even 2 min it shuts off . I know I can’t return it so I’m just trying to see how to fix it . Thank u

      • Sophia

        Hello, I have the same problem. It’s been working fine and all of a sudden it shuts down no matter what heat level I choose. What is happening ?

        • Service_VaporPuffs

          Hi guys! A few tips just to update the How to Guide:

          1. Simply open the heating chamber by pulling on the mouthpiece from the front to back.
          2. Grind your herbs and fill your heating chamber a little over 3 quarters full.
          3. Place your ground herbs inside the chamber and place the mouthpiece back on.
          4. Press the power button 5 times rapidly to turn the device on/off.
          5. Set your preferred temperature by pressing the “◀” or the “▶”button.
          Temperature adjustable range 200°F(93°C) to 428°F (220°C)
          Hold the power button for three seconds, the LCD screen will be turned on and the oven-style system starts heating. When the temperature of heating-chamber reaches the setting temperature, the system enters constant temperature heating state.
          You can readjust the temperature by pressing the “◀” or the “▶”button.
          Turn off the LCD screen by holding the power button for three seconds, and the system will stop heating and the heating chamber starts to cool down.
          6. Wait about 1.5-2.5 minutes for the chamber to reach your desired temperature.
          7. Enjoy! (Warm Prompt! A slow and steady inhale will produce the best results.)

          Hope this works! Or you gonna have to get a new unit for several reasons, coil, battery, how old is the vaporizer, maintenance.

          Happy Vaping! 🙂

  • Phil

    Hi I just purchased one yesterday and I used it last night but it is only giving very little vapour, also I didn’t really feel anything from it… is there anything I can do to improve this?

  • Jane

    So I was reading this website and it says to but an extra screen at the bottom and top for easy clean.
    How do you take the screen from the bottom out when it’s time to put in a new one? Or when I want to clean everything?

    • Arthur T.

      Hello Jane,

      You can use your packing tool (if you have it) or a small screwdriver (if you don’t) to gently lift the screen from the bottom. You can go ahead and dispose of the screen and then replace it with a new one.

  • Eric Shields

    Best vape i’ve ever used, one problem my mouth piece fell apart and now can’t use without it. I need to know if I can just purchase the mouthpiece please I need to know


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