Welcome to the new Vapor Puffs Blog!

We’re changing things up!

Hello there you Happy Pappy Vapor Puffs People!

We know that  in the past our blog has been far from the most active blog out there but thats about to change!

When are you going to post?

We will admit that before our blog schedule used to look a little more like “yeah, we’ll post once every couple months or something, I guess… whatever” but there is now a new era here at Vapor Puffs…

The era of updating our blog every single friday of every single week!

Why friday night? Well just because we have no lives of course! You folks go on out to your soirees, sock hops, and drive ins on friday night and our posts will be up for you to peruse the morning after.


What are you going to post?

We’ll be making all sorts of blog posts, some serious, some fun, and some both!

One thing we will definitely be doing is adding more informational posts about specific products. We’ve gotten a hugely positive reaction to our “Guide: How to Use the Ago G5 Vaporizer.” We love being able to bring more helpful in depth instructional posts to our customers. We absolutely understand how frustrating finding information on specific vaporizers can be.

We also want to keep people up to date on the political side of vaporizers. We’ll be updating you on legislation, public opinion, and media buzz pertaining to vaping.

And finally the fun part! We want our blog to be interactive. We want your feedback on what you want to see and want you folks to contribute. Did you do something super cool while vaping? Send us a pic! Are you interested in learning about a specific part of vaping? Request a blog post! Have another idea I didn’t just mention? That’s even better! Send us an email any time, we’d love to hear all of it!

We hope to see you here next week and the weeks to come,

Happy Vaping!



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