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Guide: How To Use The Ago G5 Vaporizer

Ago G5

Note: Before reading this article, please be wary of purchasing any of the large number cheap imitations of the Ago G5 vaporizer being sold eBay or other non-vaporizer websites. These are typically NOT quality products, and while our guide may help you with them, we do not promise that you will get desired results. Be smart, and purchase the Ago G5 Vaporizer from a trusted vaporizer shop or online store.

Welcome to our user instruction guide for the Ago G5 Vaporizer Pen Kit. Here you will find useful information on the components of the Ago G5 Vaporizer works, followed by the general Ago G5 Vaporizer instructions. We have had a large number of questions about specifics regarding this device, and we hope that this guide will answer most of those questions.

What is the Ago G5 Vaporizer?

The Ago G5 Vaporizer is a personal vaporizer pen that runs on a powerful, rechargeable battery, making the device very portable. Although the Ago G5 Vaporizer is primarily a dry herb vaporizer, it also has other uses. In addition to using herbs, you have the ability to use wax in the heating chamber as well. The heating chamber is one of three main components to the vaporizer. The other two components being the mouthpiece and the battery. Of course, there are more parts to the vaporizer and here is a diagram to show you:


  • Mouthpiece: I doubt anyone needs an explanation here but just in case… you put your mouth here.
  • Ceramic Filter: The second filter that makes sure no loose particles get to the mouthpiece. It also absorbs some heat.
  • Steel Filter: The first filter that makes sure no loose particles get to the mouthpiece.
  • Spring: Keeps your herbs packed in nice and tight.
  • Chamber Connector: Connects your mouthpiece to the heating chamber.
  • Ceramic Heating Chamber: This is where your herbs or wax goes. Inside are coils that heat up red-hot. This part gets pretty hot after some use so be careful!
  • Battery: The part that powers the entire device. The battery is rechargeable and has a LCD screen that has a battery power indicator.

Now that you are familiar with the vaporizer’s components, lets move on to the instructions.


How To Turn On the Ago G5 Vaporizer

This may be where you start to ask yourself why this topic needs its own section or why it’s even being brought up at all. Well, let me tell you all about the least intuitive thing about this device. The power button does not turn on or turn off the vaporizer when you press it…. at least not when you press it once. You will keep pressing the power button only to be plagued by the LCD screen constantly torturing you with its “Off” message. At least twice a day, I get an email with “Hey man! This vape won’t turn on” or “The vape keeps telling me it’s off even though I press the power button”. Here is the answer to the single most asked question about the Ago G5 Vaporizer:

To turn on or off the vape, you must press the power button several times (about 5 or 6) consecutively without interruption. If done correctly, you will be rewarded with a bright glowing light on the LCD screen with the word “On”.


I know what you are thinking here… “what kind of a dumb system is that?”. Truthfully, I had the same thought at first, but then I realized that it is actually a brilliant design. Had the manufacturer allowed you to turn on/off the device by holding the power button (as is common with most electronics), you would not have the ability to heat up the vaporizer as much as you wanted.


How to use the Ago G5 Vaporizer

Fortunately for everyone, using the vaporizer is actually easier than turning it on! For the sake of keeping this simple, we will use dry herbs in our example to describe how this vaporizer works. What you want to do first is connect the battery to the heating chamber simply by screwing it on. Next, press and hold the power button. You should see the coils in the heating chamber glow bright red like so:


Now that we have confirmed that all is well with the heating chamber, lets pack some herbs.

DO NOT Burn Your Herbs!

Let’s get something straight. You bought a vaporizer for a reason. You want to vaporize your herbs and not smoke them (read: burn them). If you pack your herbs directly into the heating chamber, they will obviously burn… I mean… look at that picture! Those coils are incredibly hot! Every bad review you have read about this vaporizer burning the herbs and not vaporizing them is because that person placed the herbs directly onto the hot coils. What did they expect?

So, how do you correctly pack your herbs into this beautiful vaporizer? You use a mesh screen filter like the one we include in OUR kits as pictured below:


Very Important: We include two mesh screens when you buy the Ago G5 Vaporizer Kit from us. They are not part of the standard kit. Other stores will likely NOT provide these mesh screens because of that. We take initiative to solve a common issue with this vaporizer. We have tested these screens to make sure they work perfectly with this specific vaporizer.

You can buy a 5-pack of the mesh screens here: Steel Mesh Screens (5 pack)

We also now have a 20-pack available here: Steel Mesh Screens (20 pack)

Use the packing tool included in the kit to push the mesh screen into the heating chamber as pictured below:


You want to find that sweet spot that is far enough from the coils so that the herbs don’t burn, but is close enough so that they get some heat and vaporize. I find that the sweet spot is about 2/3 of the way down the heating chamber. When done correctly, it will look like this:


Ok, now you are finally ready to pack the herbs. First, finely grind your herbs. The finer the herbs are, the better vaping experience you will have. It is very important to make sure you do not over-pack! Once you have packed your herbs, simply attach the mouthpiece by screwing it on with the spring pushing down on the herbs. That’s it! You are good to go!

Final Thoughts and Our Rating

  • Functionality: 8.5/10
  • Design: 10/10
  • Cool Factor: 9/10
  • Ease of Use: 7/10

Overall Rating: 8.6/10

Make no mistake. This is an excellent device and we feel the score we gave reflects that. It is beautifully designed, with great build quality, and works exactly like you want it to. The battery lasts a very long time, making this a truly portable vaporizer. The heating chamber is actually an interchangeable part you can replace with a different heating tank (such as one for oils and liquids). The only knocks we have on this vaporizer are 1) the confusing on/off functions and 2) the standard kit does not come with any mesh screens. We solve #2 with our kit, but we still felt compelled to give it a score based on what the original kit comes with.

Final thought: If you are in the market for a portable vaporizer that looks cool and works well, do not hesitate to buy this one.

Buy it here: Ago G5 Vaporizer Kit 

Easier to use and cheaper alternative: Palm Vaporizer Kit

If this guide helped you in any way, please give us a shout-out, share with your friends, or post a comment below!

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179 thoughts on “Guide: How To Use The Ago G5 Vaporizer

  1. I tried putting a screen in but the spring seems to push it down to the heating element then it just turns off about I second after I press power button are u using copper or stainless steel screens

    • Hi Ruben,

      We use steel screens in our kits but, regardless, the spring should be able to push the screen down onto the coils. There could be a few things happening in your case:

      1. You may be over-packing.
      2. Does your kit include additional springs you can try?

      Does your instruction manual say “Ago Vaporizer” or “G5 Vaporizer”?

      • My manual says Ago vaporizor but in the safty & disclaimer section as well as the introduction and the general function all refer to the unit as the G5 also no on of instructions I found that on your site and thank you for that

        • Ruben,

          What I believe you have is an older model of the G5 Vaporizer. Typically, the kits that have the “Ago” instruction manual as opposed to the “G5″ instruction manual are the older generation of this vape. Unfortunately, that older kit has several issues. One of which being shutting off when the mesh filter is in the heating chamber, and another being not heating up hot enough. When you look into the heating chamber, you probably see the coils only half lit and not like it is in the picture on this post. I wish I could tell you that you can fix this and make it work better, but unfortunately you are stuck with a poor product. I would seek a return from wherever you purchased it.

          I do not want to sound like we are trying to sell you something, but unfortunately, that is the truth. We once got a shipment of this older model, tested it out, saw its deficiencies and decided not to sell them at all. We actually have about 25 of them just laying around because we refuse to sell junk to our customers. The kits you see for sale on our website are the better quality “G5″ kits that actually work well. Best advice I can give you is to return your “Ago” kit and purchase a “G5″ kit.

          Sorry this happened to you. =\

          • If I were to but a newer G5 unit would the battery of the older one work with the newer components

          • Hi Heather,

            The older model does have an LCD, yes. Some REALLY old models do not though. The main key differences are the instruction booklet on the old kits say “Ago” instead of “G5″, the battery is weaker, the heating coils are not nearly as hot (see our above picture of what a new one looks like), and the screw thread is different. If you would like, you can send us a picture of your battery to and we can let you know if your kit is new or old.

      • thanks a lot it really helped me out because it does’nt even tell you how to turn it on of course my user manual is the G 5 vaporizer not the AGO model mine looks exactly alike but the manual is the other one lol

    • Ruben here again, I was getting ready yo order a new G5 from you when i started reading the other posts and to Marcos you recommended a new heat chamber will a new chamber solve my problem and will it fit the older Ago Vaporizer?

      • Ruben, unfortunately that will not help you. The threads on both the battery and heating chamber are different on the older “Ago” than on the newer “G5″. The G5 heating chamber simply will not screw on your older battery and mouthpiece. Of course, I am basing this advice solely off of my own stock of older “Ago” and newer “G5″ models. There could have been another run of the older “Ago” with a different thread and its impossible to definitively tell which thread you have without seeing it. If you would like, feel free to email me a picture of your battery alone directly at and I can take a look at it before you make your purchase decision.

      • Ruben, I received your email. I tried to respond to you a few times but the email kept failing to send for whatever reason. In any case, judging by the pictures you sent me, you are indeed using an older model with the wrong thread. Unfortunately, this means you will not be able to simply replace the heating chamber. You would need a full new set.

  2. Spot on with this write-up, I seriously believe this
    web site needs a great deal more attention.

    I’ll probably be back again to read through more, thanks for the information!

  3. I’m glad I found this as the instruction don’t bother mentioning how to turn it on! How odd. Thank you for this, and the mesh screen above the element makes a lot of sense. Nothing is perfect though, so I wonder what happens when some of the smaller particles slip through the mesh onto the element? They will obviously burn, but unless you remove the mesh, you won’t be able to get them out. I suppose they’ll just become ash and might not cause an issue. Have you noticed this?

    Secondly, does it mention that something goes green when it’s charged? I’m doing the initial 6 hour conditioning charge, and I noticed that when I first plugged it in all the little bars appeared and disappeared indicating charging. A few minutes later they all stopped and showed full. I assume that’s why it needs conditioning? But if it thinks it’s charged, why did it not go green? Or is it not charged yet after all? Is there clear indication of charged or do I just have to take it off after 2 hours?

    • Esseff,

      Thank you for the questions.

      To address your first concern, I will point out that the mesh is very very fine.. or at least the one we provide is. Particles would have to be incredibly small for them to fall through the mesh. I do not think a grinder would be able to get the herbs to such a small size. But in any case, yes, they will simply burn. A tiny particle burning here or there should not be an issue.

      With regards to the battery charging, I have seen some batteries do funny things during the initial charge. Typically, when fully charged, the LCD will turn green. However, if this is the first time charging your battery, you should deplete the battery first before charging it. I have seen batteries do similar things to what you are describing but it should not be a concern. Simply deplete the battery through normal use, then full charge it for 6 hours. From there, the battery should act normally.

    • Thanks for your question, Marcos. Theoretically, your coils should not be getting dirty because you should not be putting anything directly on them, but I suppose the chamber itself will get pretty dirty over time. Your kit should have included a soft cleaning brush tool. You can use that to clean the chamber. If its too dirty, I would recommend picking up a much tougher cleaning brush and trying to essentially scrape off the ash. Alternatively, you can always just replace your heating chamber. It should be fairly inexpensive. We do not sell them at the moment, but we should get them in a few weeks.

  4. Arthur,

    You seem to know your stuff, especially so since you did a user guide on this product. I just ordered a G5, and I must say that this system sounds too good to be true for the price, and I cannot wait to see if it holds up to par. You mentioned the battery is an LCD, and I believe I read that you recommend it be fully discharged before you do the initial first charge. ( This is how it should be designed, I mean c’mon you get a new toy, you wanna play with it, not wait for it to charge 6-8 hours) Is this true? I have done a bit of research and with certain batteries, especially newer ones, it seems that allowing the battery to discharge initially resets the battery memory, and essentially allows the battery to perform how it was meant to perform. On the contrary, I have heard that fully charging the battery before initial use sets the battery “quota” and therefor increases the battery life overall. Now, the reason I ask so specifically is because I have had a heap of issues with my ego ecig battery: i.e. charging fully, then not holding a charge, very disappointing stuff… and all I want to do is further extend my battery life, and practice proper battery charging etiquette. Any, and all responses are appreciated. Thanks,

    • Hi Orion,

      First, thank you for your order. With regards to the battery, the instructions I gave are directly from the manufacturer. In fact, in some cases, the battery will not charge until you discharge it first. I am told that this is done by design so that the battery doesn’t gets maximum usage. I have heard many different things before on how to properly care for a rechargeable battery, but the truth is, every battery is different. Conditioning the battery is a case-by-case situation. With this specific battery, I have to refer to the manufacturer as I would imagine they know best.

  5. Hi i was thinking of buying one and i was just wondering to use wax in it is the Wax Heating Chamber (For Ago G5 Vaporize) the only attachment I would need and if this one that you sell on your site is the right attachment for the new 2013 model

    • Hi Ethan,

      You only need the Wax Heating Chamber in using this vape pen for wax. Simply swap the standard heating chamber for the wax one on your pen. Please be aware that the wax heating chamber will only fit new 2013 models. If you are not sure which you have, you can feel free to email us a picture of your battery thread and we can let you know if it will fit. Send the email to Thanks Ethan!

  6. I bought the Ago Vaporizer Pen from a smoke shop and a couple days later it stopped working. I only used it 2 times and the coil doesn’t get cherry red and it doesn’t get hot. I’ll press and hold the power button and it doesn’t get red. The smoke shop doesn’t offer a warranty and told me I have to send it to Ago. I’ve looked everywhere for Ago’s website. I have no idea where to contact them to get my vaporizer sent out. Do you guys know there website or number? I really need help!

    • Hi Donnie,

      Unfortunately, as far as I am aware, there is no way for consumers to directly contact Ago. As one of their merchants, we accept any warranty exchanges for our customers on their behalf and then they replace any defective parts/sets. The store where you bought your vaporizer kit from should have accepted your return as they are able to exchange your broken kit for a another one they can sell. Sounds like you may have been ripped off =\

      Wish I had better news or advice for you.

  7. Hello I am looking for the G5 blue rubber were is the on-off that broke. I am not able to tern on ad off. Please help

    • Hi Joe,

      We will actually be getting some of these in a few week if you can wait that long. I do not know of any other retailer that sells them.

    • Stevah,

      See my above reply to Joe. If you need the actual button itself, I am not sure if you can even buy that separately. You may need to replace your entire battery.

  8. I have the G5 and something seems to be happening to the battery, well at least i think. These past few days when i go to put the pen together after charging it the screen turns off and the heating chamber wont heat up almost like the battery dies when i attach it. if i unscrew it a little the screen turns back on , but the issue with that is the battery isnt touching the heating chamber so it wont get hot. is there any way to fix this? i love this pen and just recently bought it and im so upset that its not workijng anymore.

    • Hello Reana,

      Is the mesh screen touching the coils in your heating chamber? If so, this may the cause of your issue. The battery will act in the way you are describing when the mesh screen touches the heating coils. Try raising the mesh screen to sit just above the coils without actually touching them. I do not believe there is anything actually wrong with your battery.

  9. I ordered 2 Ago G5 pens received yesterday, and both of them have not been producing any vapor. Both heating elements work fine and both screens are placed just as the pictures describe above. I am not packing the herb tightly or over packing and the battery has been fully charged. Before I attach the mouthpiece, however, I see smoke being produced from the coils. It is only when I attach the mouthpiece after packing that I do not get any smoke or vapor. Such a shame since I ordered 2 of these and neither of them are working. I do not want this to be $110 wasted. What am I doing wrong?

    Thanks, Ameera

    • Russ,

      Older G5 models used the 510 thread. The newer models have a proprietary thread. I do not have any information on what clearomizer would fit the newer model battery.

    • Hello Marie,

      No you should not use oil in the Ago G5. We have a product called the G Pen which is specifically to be used for oil. I would recommend checking that one out instead.

    • Donovan,

      You either damaged your heating coils while loading your chamber or your chamber is defective. Regardless, I would recommend contacting your place of purchase. If you purchased it here, shoot us a quick email at

  10. I ordered my ago g5 from this website, and when i first recieved it the heating coils worked great but it didnt seem to vaporize the herbs. In an attempt to be able to get something out of it i put the dry herbs directly into the chamber without the mesh screen and it burned it (like i expected). But since then i have only been using the mesh screen still with no vapor or thin smoke. Even worse, today i tried to use and the heating chamber doesnt seem to be working at all. The coils don’t turn red like they are in the picture above. Could i have possibly ruined the chamber by not using the screen? or did I receive a defective device? Thanks.

    • CJ,

      It is possible you received a defective chamber but it is also possible that you damaged it while loading it. When you have the screen on, there shouldn’t be any visible vapors or thin smoke (check out our other guide for more info on this). However, with the heating chamber not heating up, you will get no effect. Shoot us a quick email to so we can try and troubleshoot your issue.

  11. It’s may seem stupid, but I’m confused. I’m here looking at the G5 for the first time as the battery charges, and reading through your guide (nice job, btw!) because the booklet that comes with it is not very good. I bought the Triple Use kit. The cartridge that appears meant for herbs, the one you recommend adding a screen to, is what my question concerns. The spring that’s attached to the mouthpiece assembly, which enters into the chamber, appears to extend all the way down to the heating element. I don’t get how that leaves any room at all for herbs, let alone the addition of a screen (or anything else). Can you set me straight on this?

    • Kyle,

      It sounds like your spring is too long. It should not come close to touching the coils, really. You should have extra springs in your kit. Try replacing the one on the mouthpiece with your spares. If that doesn’t work, I would just recommend removing the spring altogether. Its a helpful piece to hold the herbs in place but its not 100% necessary as long as you don’t tilt your pen up while using it.

  12. 2), Click the power button five times to turn off the battery, then press the power botton for 5 seconds, the LCD backlight lights, and then click the power button five times again to turn on the battery, the ” Puffs” counter will count to “0”.

    (While holding the button for 5 seconds with the battery off, the LCD didnt light, but nonetheless, the counter was set when I turnd it on.

    Also, I’ve read to simply remove the spring when usinge the herb cartridge. That doing so, in conjunction with the screens, works best. Thoughts?

    • Kyle,

      If the spring is getting in your way, you can certainly remove it. If you do, just make sure you do not tilt the pen up when vaporizing your herbs.

  13. I have the same problem as Ruben. Everytime the screen, touches the coils, the pen just like powers off. but when i put it down and it doesnt touch the coil, i dont get anything. I read that i have to find a sweet spot for it, but if thats the case, why do i want this pen if its gonna be such a hastle to use it? Can someone help please?

    • Andrew,

      When you say you don’t get anything, do you mean you don’t see any smoke or visible vapor? If so, that does not mean it is not working. In fact, you should not be seeing any smoke or visible vapor. Check out our Beginners Guide for more details on that.

  14. my heating chamber doesnt glow red and hardly gets hot . it glowed the first time i opened it out of the box and it hasnt glowed red ever since

  15. I purchased a package of screens from y’all. But no matter how I install one, (all the way down, touching the coil, all the way down, just above the coil, or a third of the way up), the coil glows nicely, but nothing happens. It is not vaporizing the herbs at all. No hit of any kind till I take the screen back out and basically just let it burn and create smoke and ash…….

    • Kyle,

      I am getting the sense that you are expecting some sort of visible vapor when you exhale. That is simply not the case. Check out our Beginner’s Guide for more details on that. I believe that guide should help you out a lot.

  16. Hi, I purchased one of these not too long ago and I’m not sure weather it is the older or newer model. The instructions say G5, but I don’t know for sure. Either way, the heating coils on my G5 do not glow red hot at all, most of the time they don’t glow and produce slight heat, but sometimes it doesn’t even produce heat. Is it the battery or the heat chamber and coils that has the problem? Also, how can I fix this so I can finally enjoy it?

    • Connor,

      Your problem is likely your heating chamber. Replacing it can solve your issues, i believe. We can let you know if you have an older or newer model if you send us a photo of your battery thread. We sell replacement chambers but only for newer models.

  17. what ifi purchased one with out the manual so I cnt tell if it the old ago or new g5…anyother way I cn identify the model?..need more help and instructional videos on this vape pen specificly

  18. My battery won’t charge anymore whenever I connect it to the USB adapter the light shows green but the LCD does not turn on. Help??

    • James,

      First, you should try discharging the battery all the way before you charge it. If that does not help, one of your parts is faulty. It would be impossible to tell which part is the faulty one without proper testing. Just because the USB adapter is lighting up, does not guarantee that its working. I would contact your place of purchase for further assistance. If you purchased it here, send us an email to

    • I’m having the same problem with my G5. I have tried charging it directly onto a USB port in my computer and still, the light is green but there is no increase in battery. I’m assuming we have faulty USB connectors.

  19. Hi Arthur T. and the Vapor Puffs Community,

    I’m really considering ordering a G5 from your site but I’d just like your opinion on the size of the dry herb chamber. How would you rate the size of the chamber in regards to how often you need to reload it during a session of using it. I’ve also been looking at the Palm Vaporizer and just trying to compare the chamber size and how often I’d have to reload it during a session.

    Any experiences with the chamber sizes of these products are welcome. Thanks for the help.

    • Sorry if I posted this in the wrong blog post. Now I feel like it would’ve fit better in the “Vaporizers for Beginners…” post.

    • Hello,

      The G5 chamber is slightly smaller than the Palm’s chamber. However, vaporizing your herb rather than smoking it can make it last much longer. As such, you should not need to reload your chamber even once (assuming you have quality herbs). The Palm Vaporizer is easier to use and makes for quicker reloads if you are still concerned about it.

      I will need to get back to you on the voltage question after I contact the manufacturer. My initial response would be to say yes, but I want to just make sure.

    • Thanks for the help so far. The G5 seems to be more ideal for me as far as appearance and style. I don’t really like the “pipe” look of the Palm Vaporizer or the “asthma inhaler” look of the Palm Vape 2. But I was just concerned about the chamber size because I was told by a friend that they had to reload the chamber often. They could be burning their herbs. They’ve only had the AGO (not AGO G5) for about 3 days now so I’m sure there’s a learning curve and some perfecting of the craft that needs to ensue.

    • Okay that his AGO didn’t come with any filters and he’s been burning his flowers the whole time and didn’t realize it. Told him he should take it back and get the G5. Thanks for the help though. Let me know about the voltage when you can.

  20. Arthur,

    Is there such thing as holding the button for too long? The chamber seems to get pretty hot even from the outside before it will start working.

    • Hello Tom,

      The G5 has overheating protection built in. If you hold the button for over 9 seconds, it will shut off automatically. Over prolonged use, the chamber will get hot though.

  21. This website is the best.
    But I just have a few questions. So the coil, the part that screws on top, that should be the spring portion already correct?

    I see it the coil heat, and can smell it when it’s unscrewed. But, I feel like I’m not taking anything in.

  22. I have a new vape, and when I press the power now, it flashes really quick and then the blue light stays on for a second or 2. But with no attachment it works fine. It also does this when I plug it in to charge. It’ll charge for a few seconds and then theblue power light will turn on for about 2-3 seconds. And then it will stop charging.

  23. Thank you for the acknowledgement. I am proof it does not take a Rocket Scientist to see the fundamental flaw in the design before ranting and raving about it not working. I have never used it, nor any other vape, but saw at the onset from pictures what could go wrong. When you cook food on the stove you do not put it directly on the element. You could but that would be a stupid idea. The screen acts as a holder like a pot holds your Mac and Cheese however I might try something else besides a screen filter. More along the lines of a tinsel-thin cup filter that can be adjusted to heights for proper “vaporization”.
    And what is this definition of ‘vapor’ I keep hearing. If you take a big hit and after coughing, choking, wheezing exhale a large amount of smoke, guess who. That’s not vapor. So if your psychologically bound by the amount of white fumes emanating from your mouth after a rip concluding a mystical high you’ve toasted your bud, bud, and took a hit of your flame fried flower.

  24. Hi, before I buy, I have screens, a bunch, 3/4 screens, will these fit the G5,or are they to big. Just so I don’t have to purchase xtra’s. Thank you john

    • Hello John,

      We used to sell 3/4 screens but we now sell 1/2 because they are a better fit. The 3/4 screens should fit with some adjustment as long as they are not too thick and as long as they are made from steel.

  25. Hey Arthur.
    I purchaced what i thought was a g5 on ebay, but when it arrived it was a hash up of parts.
    It had a heating chamber which was only ceramic below the heating coil and the battery was an i-go without display, battery and device differed in colour tone, it had the correct box and correct useless user manual and warranty. In side there was no mention on how to apply or register for this warranty.
    I have since sent this back and am waiting on a refund.
    I now have a genuine 1. It is a great bit of kit, but just by a flick through the manual i was dissapointed to see it is just a cheap asian mass produced not propperly thought through product.
    Any idea if there is anything more going to be designed to make this vape, vape well?!
    Maybe a ceramic disc that could be placed between the heating coils and the aftermarket gauze pipe screens to stop shorting the heating coil, or just to stop super heating the gauze that the ground up herbs are held by.
    I could try to make my own, but the only thing i can think of that would take the heat is erm, blue Asbestos!!!
    Or cuttlefish bone???
    Any and all suggestions may help.
    The uk.

    • Hello Boris,

      Many interesting ideas you bring up there! While we do not manufacture the G5, we do have a close working relationship with the manufacturer. They are constantly trying to create new, innovative products including improvements to the G5. This year’s update was a vast improvement over last year’s model. I would not be surprised to see another major upgrade to the next update. Keep an eye on our website for new models coming out soon. Also, we are getting in a new product soon called the G20 which might be a design that you may like more. :)

  26. I am new to this and just got my G5 today. I was wondering what would be considered overpacking the heat chamber? I guess a better way to ask the same question is, With the screen 2/3 down the chamber and the chamber properly loaded, how many drags could one expect to get? Seems by the 4th or 5th draw I start getting a little smoke. I guess that means my herbs need to be changed? Any help will be appreciated. Newbie vaporizer.

  27. Hi There,

    I put concentrate in my g5 and was broken within 5 minutes. I returned and got a new portion that contains the coil, but I’m scared to use concentrate now. Was this a freak accident or did I do something wrong? I put a normal sized dab inside it but it seemed to short it out or something. Please help.


  28. I just bought a G5 vape pen yesterday, it worked lovely with flowers after charging it for two hours, so I put it back on the charger over night and woke up to use oil and now the piece does not heat up? Could over charging it have done this problem? Or whatelse could it be?!

  29. If I was to replace the cool on my g5 will it work better? I tried a screen but it sometimes dont work right I tried other kinds of screens I even cut one to fit it worked for a few loads then stopped is it how u load it or is it an issue with this thing. Guess I wasted money on this or maybe it’s not meant for dry herb jus oil because it burns the shit out of the herbs

    • What do you mean by it doesn’t work. Explain the problem. The coil will shut of if the screen is touching it. It should be about 2/3 down the chamber. Next YOU WILL NOT SEE ANY SMOKE when you exhale. PERIOD! Its vaporizing not combusting. You may from time to time see a small vapor and I mean small. In fact lighting will have to be just right. (lol). As soon as you start to see or taste any smoke at all it is time to repack. Clean the chamber out good and take caution not to push the screen down further while cleaning. Do not overpack. I drop about 2 one hitter loads in. It last about 3 draws maybe 4 if its real fresh. You will only taste the delisciousness. No smoke and no heat. Draw slow and make sure the herb is fairly ground up. You can see the distinct difference between fresh herb and avb. In texture, color and smell. It does indeed smell a bit like slightly burnt buttered popcorn. I have had mine 4 days now and it took some getting used too. Some trial and error. Now I wouldn’t trade it for nothing. In fact I ordered another one so I can have one at home and mobile. Good luck.

    • Hello Lily,

      The screens can vary from 5-20 uses per screen depending on how long your “use” is. Once you see the screen getting a bit clogged and dirty, I would replace it.

  30. So I have a new G5 I got some screens, my question is with the screen what sort of vapor(visibility) are you blowing out? Also Stiffer spring to softer?

  31. how do you guys and gals manage to get that 1/2″ screen in? seems to need a smaller one, 3/8 or even smaller, man trying to get this 1/2″ steel screen in is impossible to get in , right. how do ya’s do it? this is a very, very cheap piece. what do you’s use, a screw driver and jam it in?

    • Hello JJ,

      Your G5 kit should have a packing tool. You should use that tool to push the screen down. If you are finding it difficult, trying forming the screen into a cup shape before pushing it down.

    • Hello Faith,

      G5s with no LCD screen are a much cheaper variant of the ones that do have them. Unfortunately, this also means that it is not a newer model. I would try to return the kit to where you purchased it from and get a refund.

  32. I just recived the g5 pen in the mail. I charged it for 4 hours and the lcd screen works and everything untill I screwed in the heating chamber for the first time. The screen wouldnt come and the coils wouldnt heat up and the blue power button flashes but once I unscrew the heating chamber the lcd screen works and nothing flashes. Please help

  33. how does everyone get their 1/2″ steel screen in their G5?? Awful hard to even get it started. really jamming it to get it in. do you’s trim your 1/2″ screens to fit?? seems a 3/8″, maybe smaller would be so much easier, but do they make them any smaller?? well, I’ll get a screw driver and jam some more. Help!!!!

    • Hello JJF,

      Your G5 kit should have a packing tool. You should use that tool to push the screen down. If you are finding it difficult, trying forming the screen into a cup shape before pushing it down.

  34. Every time I try to use my g5 the coils heat up a little bit but after about 6 or 7 seconds it starts blinking and shuts off and won’t vaporize properly. Any help?

  35. I just got my g5 vap and its the one without the led screen.after a few uses whats happening with it is the light flashes 3 times and stays on. When reconnected to chamber it turns off and wont work and when I try to charge it says its full charge???

    • Hello John,

      Its a bit more difficult to troubleshoot the G5’s that are missing the LCD screen, but it sounds like your pen may be defective. In addition, it is also an older model. I would contact your original place of purchase.

  36. got my G5 today and wow it’s pain in butt getting that steel mesh in down to “sweet spot” the packing tool does not help much! I feel that that chamber need to be redesigned? How do you get the steel mesh out to clean it without damaging heating chamber? I tried many different ways to get the screen down the chamber and it keep popping to a side and would not go down evenly, very frustrating!
    Any tips that will help get the screen down easier?

    • Hello Ed,

      Quick tip on getting the mesh screen down easier: Form the mesh screen into a bit of a cup shape before trying to force it in with the tool. This should help getting the screen down easier. Do not worry about scratching the walls of the chamber. It will not damage it.

  37. I just got the G5 today i was soo happy, so i charged it just like it said on the manual after it was charged i tried to turn it on but it doesn’t turn on. When i connect it to the charger it it shows that the battery is full but when i disconnect it i wont work. Did i get a defective one?

  38. Hi Arthur,

    I have ordered a G5 and awaiting for it to arrive. I do have one question though. Does resin build up at all in this unit?

  39. I bought one of the new G5 Vaporizer pens, when I first charged it for 6 hours and put it together and NOTHING! the coil did not work. I was looking at it and BAM the coil started to heat up YEAH! After close inspection here’s what the problem was and I believe a lot of the folks on here are having the same problem the way it sounds. The problem was on the battery unit, after charging I had to take a safety pin or tip of very small pocket knife and pull out the battery connector where it connects to the coil chamber, the battery and the coil chamber was not touching. I still have to do this after each charge. The charging adapter pushes the top battery connector in to far and has to be gently pulled out a little bit to touch the coil.

  40. I purchased the AGO Vaporizer and it said it came with the mesh screen (which it did not) however I did have a little bag in my box that had 2 extra springs?? not sure I would ever need those. So I did go on the site and buy a 5 pack of screens. I did use a little screen I got out of a faucet and tried using it, it looked ok and I thought should work and did not, I have the screen pushed down perfectly about 2/3rds down the chamber and do not have any issues with the coil getting hot, however I can not draw any of the herb out, I tried several times packing it with a very little bit to obviously to much and the spring just packs it against the screen and I can not get it to work to save my life, very frustrating.

    • Hello Pat,

      If you purchased your G5 from any other shop, they likely do not include mesh screens. There is a steel screen component in the mouthpiece which is not the same as the steel mesh screens we provide. As for your drawing issue, I believe you may be expecting some sort of smoke or visible vapor when you exhale. That is simply not the case. Check out our other guide, as I believe you may find it very helpful!

  41. I really have a hard time understanding why you would charge for a retrofit(read screens) to your unit, which is necessary to fix a design flaw. you should provide an unlimited supply for free to customers who unfortunately bought it. you should fix the flaw before selling to new buyers.

    • Hello,

      Great comment! We do agree that the manufacturer should fix the flaw or provide a means around it (like we do). But we do not manufacturer the G5. It is not our product. If it were, we would absolutely fix the issue for all the customers. From our standpoint, screens are not retrofit. They are an enhancement or solution to a design flaw created by somebody else. We are just trying to help people make better use of the G5!

  42. Hi Arthur, I was wondering how to properly charge the Ago G5 pen. The instructions said that the light on the usb charger would turn “green” once the pen is fully charged BUT when I first charged it it was already green! This was only seconds after receiving it in the mail. I charged it for about 5 hours and it still didn’t turn on. Right now I used the USB method and now the device says 2 bars. Please help. Thank you!

    • Hi Jared,

      Are you having issues with turning on the device or charging it? If the battery says “off” when you press the power button, click the power button consecutively 10 times. This has to be done fairly quickly. Your LCD will light up and say “On”. If you already have it “On” and have problems charging it the first time, you completely discharge the battery and try charging again. This usually fixes initial charge issues. Good luck!

  43. Hi,
    I got a new pen, its fully chaeged and I set everything up right. When I assemble it together and try to smoke, the power button just flashes 3 times. When I take off the battery the power button works just fine

  44. Ok so I’m new to the whole vape thing and I’m pretty sure I did it wrong and I didn’t use a screen and of course it burned the herbs. And now the heating chamber doesn’t heat. Am I screwed?

  45. Hey there, I just bought the AGO G5 vaporiser from you guys but I’m having difficulty getting the element to heat.

    I charged the pen at a wall socket for 6 hours as recommended but whether I press the ‘on’ button 5-10 times consecutively or just twice the LED display shows 000 and a ‘not quite full but nearly’ battery symbol. The same is true if I hold the button down for any length of time. Not sure if it’s on and it definitely won’t heat. I have the mouthpiece off and I’m looking at the coil through the installed mesh to see if it’s working or not.

    If I charge the battery again the light is red but then begins flashing green and red intermittently. Is this normal?

    Thank you very much,

      • Mine does the same thing I get the puff count and never an on, on the screen but I do get off message and of course no heat

        • Hi cEcE,

          Did your vaporizer behave this way when you first purchased it or is this a recent occurance? Does your heating chamber turn red at all? Have you been using it without a screen?

  46. Hello, my vape will not work while it’s connected together. The battery alone will work fine, the puff counter will work right and everything, but as soon as I connect the battery to the cartridge, the puff counter only stays on for about a second and wont go above 0. Also it will not heat the vape up at all. Is there any way to fix it or is the product broken?

  47. Hi Arthur,

    I bought the AGO vaporizer and unfortunately it is an older version (it says AGO instead of G5 on the manual, it was miss-advertised on eBay). Haven’t used it yet but I hope I don’t have any problems. My question is about the mesh screen. Haven’t put it in yet but it seams to me like it would be impossible to get it out once it is in. It is very tight. How am I supposed to get the screen out?

    Thanks in advance,


  48. My wife got me an AGO, it apparently isn’t the G5 as there is no LED (though the booklet says there should be). it worked fine for a couple of days, one day after charging it though, it decided to stop working when it’s connected together. the battery on it’s own will show a blue light when the power button is depressed, yet connecting the pats together makes the light flash, then shut off. there is no heating of the coil at all. I have adjusted the battery connection looking for a “sweet spot”, which should be un-needed when the product is quality, in doing so I noticed that my “packing tool” could touch the battery connection point and the blue light would stay lit, yet if the packer tool even slightly hit the wall of the connection chamber the light would begin to flash. I love the product, yet I want a WORKING product! You had mentioned above that you would take care of warranty issues I think, I would love it if you could e-mail me and tell me more, id like to upgrade, or, at the very least have a pen that WORKS!!! Thanks for your time, it’s greatly appreciated!

  49. Hi! I recently bought a vaporizer pen for my fiancé and I was wondering what is the average number the puff counter should be on? And what is the highest it could go up to?

  50. Hi I’ve been using my g5 as a combustion pen, I clean the camber with the cleaning brush every time I reload and it just randomly got clogged, I was using it before work its was fine I get out of work and try to use it and I can’t pull any air thru it even with the camber empty and clean. Any ideas?

    • Hi brandin,

      It sounds like your heating chamber is clogged. Possibly with an ash build-up? If you are unable to clean it out with a brush, it may be time for a new chamber. Your heating chamber would need to be replaced from time to time.

    • Hi Josh,

      I would like to give you a concrete answer, but I am honestly not sure. My instincts are telling me that it would only be slightly beneficial. I do not think you will see a big difference.

  51. hi i got 2 heating coil chambers that are different. is one for herb and the other for oil? and with the oil one do i put a mesh screen on that?

    • Hello Shamara,

      If you are certain your vaporizer is “On” but still not working, it is likely that your battery is defective or broken. Contact you original place of purchase and hopefully they can help you out. If you bought it here, email us and we will certainly get a replacement for you!

  52. I have a g5 but cant get the coil top heat. it is brand new. no lcd on bottom of pen as shown in your picture or as refered to in user guide that came with it. Power button lights up though and green light on charger. Any ideas

    • Hello Rick,

      It sounds like you have a very old version of the G5, but more importantly, it sounds like your heating chamber is either defective or broken. Contact your original place of purchase and hopefully they can help you out!

  53. Not sure if I’m imagining it or not but I just bought a g5 and when I was fooling around with it checking the coil and stuff I noticed at first the whole coil heated up but then when pressing button to turn on and off I thought I saw the LCD display say lo like it changed temp setting to low. Then the center of the coil doesn’t heat up the same. Am I imagining that or what? It is driving me nuts and I can’t find any info on it anywhere. Any help would be appreciated my ocd won’t let me leave the subject be.

  54. Hi
    I’ve got an ago g5 without a screen and was wondering why it was burning my herbs only to sober up and realise my issue(duh),
    So my question is would a glass screen work just as well a steel one and I’m loathe to short it out and order and wait for a replacement but I’m lazy once I get going and like to put as much as possible in

    Thanks in advance

    • Hello Adam,

      In our experience, glass screens do not work very well, which is why we do not sell them. They do not let enough heat pass through in order to vaporize the herbs. Metal screens are more difficult to work with, but allow for proper vaporization.

    • Hello Kenny,

      While you can use the standard chamber with wax, your experience will be short-lived. The herbal chamber is not designed to be used with wax and will quickly clog the coils. It is highly recommend that you use a wax chamber for wax concentrates.

  55. Hey. Having issue with this vaporizer. I cant seem to turn it off. The lcd screen is lit up fully white and has been for about 20 hours showing the battery meter flashing from no bars to 5 bars. Not sure how to reset this pen to retry using. Ive tried holding down the power button and tapping the power button with not good results. Any tips on turning this pen off so i can retry would be great. Thanks!

    • Hello Tyler,

      Turning the pen off is the same method as turning it on. Refer to this article on how to turn the pen on and follow those same instructions.

  56. Hello there. I have the g5 and I had issues with using a mesh filter, it either would not fit straight down (would end up on the side wall of the chamber) or it would go right down to the coil when the spring pushed the herbs down. So I bought a honeycomb filter. Is this recommended? Are they too thick? Also, I find it is really tough to draw. Do wider mouthpieces exist? Sometimes I feel like Im going to burst a lung using it (and I make sure to not overpack it)

    • Hello Daniel,

      We do not recommend the honeycomb filter. In our experience, the glass does not allow enough heat to pass to vaporize the herbs leaving you with a vaporizer that does not work. As far as your mouthpiece goes, it sounds like your mouthpiece or heating chamber is actually clogged with something. The standard mouthpiece allows a lot of air to pass through when not clogged, as does the heating chamber. We have heard of this happening to other users. If you are unable to clean the parts, you may want to consider looking into picking up a new mouthpiece or chamber.

  57. Hi,

    So I bought the Ago g5 vape pen(2014) from Vapor-puffs and charged it for the initial six hours. After I filled the chamber with enough herb for one hit to test the pen, (without using the screen) it hit just fine. I then started using the screen the next day and after two hits it was out of battery, which was a little soon but not a big deal. (so I know its not defective)
    When I charged it, the USB charger was green right when I plugged the battery in which I thought wasn’t supposed to happen. Then after two hours I tried to turn the pen on (clicked it 5 times, then 10 times) and it wouldn’t turn on. The weird part is that it would show the battery symbol on the LCD with two bars when I held the button down, after I let go the LCD went blank. I tried repeating this process with battery screwed on to the chamber, but still no luck. Any help on this would be appreciated. Thanks.

    • Hello Tyler,

      Questions related to your issue have actually already been answered a few times in this post. Please read through the responses in some of the other posts for help with your issue.

      • Thanks for responding,
        Alright so I read through the responses and I found that you have to pull the battery contact point up for it to touch the chargers contact point( Thanks Vaporman). I tried doing so and still no charge. I decided to open up the loose USB charger and I found that the negative wire wasn’t even soldered on and the only reason it would blink red when I wiggled the charger around was because it was hitting the spot it was supposed to be soldered to. Even with all that, I got the charger to deliver power to the battery but the battery is just not accepting it. I think it has to do with the battery’s contact point, but I don’t know for sure. I emailed customer service about it though. Anyway thanks for responding. Let me know if there’s another common solutions I haven’t tried.
        Thanks, Arthur

  58. My boyfriend bought me one of these on ebay and the description said ago g5 vaporizer but my manual does not read “g5″. I only want to use wax in this. Im kind of bummed because ive seen a couple sites that say you have to buy a seperate chamber but ive also seen some that say they are duel wax and dry herb. I dont know much about vaporizers myself. Can I put wax in this?

  59. I’ve purchased the ago G5, it arrived Friday and has only been used twice. Now I am currently encountering problems I’m not sure if it’s the battery or heating element but the coils will not ignite. When the button is pressed the LED screen shows 3 zeros for about 2 seconds and cuts off… It no longer says off like when first arrived. Please help ASAP

  60. I have seen the AGO using the glass screen. I ordered the AGO G5 version which seems to have omitted the glass screen and substituted it with a steel mesh screen. I’ve read about the sweet spot of the steel mesh screen being 2/3 above the coil. Can a glass screen be placed over the coil before a steel mesh screen is inserted? And wouldn’t the glass screen keep the steel screen from touching the coil thus maintaining that 2/3 sweet spot? Also, are the included springs making matters worse by pushing the steel screen into contact with the coils if the glass screen is not recommended?

    Thank You,

    • Hello Bruce,

      We here at Vapor Puffs simply recommend the steel screen over the glass screen as it allows more heat to pass through. The glass screen is useable as well if that is your preference. You should never use both screens at the same time, however. Its either one or the other. Happy vaping!

  61. My question is if i should remove the spring? I have not used the vaporizer yet but won’t the spring push the mesh screen to touch the heating coild and thhus making the herbs to combust?

    • Hello Sierra,

      The screens will definitely work! They’re made to be a bit larger than the chamber, just most the screen into a cone shape and it will be ready to go.

      Thank you!

  62. Hi there,

    Read all the posts and decided this was a great pen to buy. Figured I’d give it a whirl without a screen to see what combustion results I’d get. Used it once, worked great!! Now I know I need to get the screen for it, but I can’t seem to get the black out of the chamber :( I’ve tried with the brush and using the packing too to scrape, but the coils have ash burned to them (I assume that’s what that is). Any suggestions on how to clean the chamber?

    • Hello!

      I would recommend taking a coupon dipped in rubbing alcohol and using it to clean the chamber. Just make sure you leave it out to dry overnight after.

      Thank you!

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